How does ADASHI interface with dispatch's messaging switch or other systems?

Q: What is the messaging switch ADASHI utilizes as pertains to integrating with dispatch's messaging switch or other systems? 


A: The messaging switch, ADASHI Server, is an enterprise level proprietary multi-in/multi-out service that is designed to minimize communication delays.  The system both accepts and sends out numerous protocols, including SMTP, SMS, CAP, EDXL, Geo-RSS, and many others. In addition, the system allows for custom add-ins that are typically utilized for complete integration with other high-end CAD systems.  The back end database can be any SQL server level and although a full Microsoft’s SQL Server is suggested, most large installations can be well served by Microsoft’s free SQL Express. ADASHI client communication with the Server is achieved through a proprietary and secure publish and subscribe protocol that optimizes robust communication and minimizes bandwidth requirements. Note that the ADASHI Server can comfortably receive information feeds simultaneously from thousands of different information sources and has been deployed at an enterprise level in regions such as Los Angeles, CA and New South Wales, Australia.


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