What sort of IT infrastructure does ADASHI require?

Q: What sort of IT infrastructure is required to support the ADASHI system as installed on MDTs for CAD and routing?


A: There are 3 IT infrastructure requirements to support ADASHI:


1. Hardware -- To get ADASHI up and running, your department will require:

  • Computer/Tablet
  • GPS receiver
  • Communication device such as a Cell Card


2. GIS – (Optional as ADASHI comes with all of North America’s maps) The ADASHI team will acquire your local GIS files from your GIS department (which may be a part of the County) and set up a combined view set. These map views will include both the North America mapset and the local GIS layers. After this initial setup, updates to these maps will be the responsibility of your GIS department. ADASHI’s documentation includes extensive instructions on how to do this maintenance. In addition, since ADASHI is based on the same ESRI map engine that many GIS departments use for map management (ESRI), there is no extensive conversion process required. The maps you currently utilize and update can simply be copied into the ADASHI map folder replacing the old versions.


3. Software installation – ADASHI software and customizations are easy -- distributed on a USB memory stick (flash drive) or through online downloads. We have a toll-free hotline for technical support and emergencies in addition to our online technical support service in the rare instance this is required. Nearly all customers maintain an active maintenance agreement entitling them to free technical support. An active maintenance agreement also entitles customers to free upgrades as the software is continually improving and adapting to add new features and response tools.


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