FH Converter cannot connect to the local FH_Mobile DB



A. This can be one of a few reasons. First, that SQL Express service is not running. Open local services and verify that the SQL Express service is running. The next thing to check is to verify that SQL Express was installed. If SQL failed during the installation process, then it will need to be installed. 


To have the Unified Installer do the full installation. First, check to see if RMS Sync was installed in ”Apps and Features”. If RMS sync doesn’t show as installed, then this is the reason that SQL was not installed. If RSM sync is installed and SQL Express is not showing as installed, then uninstall RMS sync firstRun setup.exe from the USB and choose RMS sync. This should install SQL Express and  RMS sync. 

If SQL still does not install it could be that our default password does not meet your Domain Group Policy specifications. By Manually doing an install you will see the specific reason that SQL is failing


SQL Express can manually be installed from the UnifiedPrerequisites\SQLEXPRESS\setup.exe. If you do the manual process, then you will need to attach the FH_Mobile DB after the installation. If you need to install SQL in "Mixed Mode" in order to have the ability to use SQL Accounts. Remember the password you choose. You will also need to name the SQL instance as FHMOBILE


You can contact Adashi Support to work through these issues if you are not sure which problem you are having.


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