No Plume data is showing

Q. No Plume data is showing


A. This means the ALOHA engine could not generate a plume for the incident. There are a variety of reasons why this can happen. 

  1. The incident location is not set, that’s the obvious one. You need to set a location for the incident. The hazmat element or type will default to the incident location, it doesn’t need its own location set specifically. 
  1. It may be that they have chosen a chemical that is not modeled by ALOHA. You can go back to the hazmat search and see what models are listed for that specific chemical. It might say ERG but not say ALOHA in which case they won’t get a plume with that kind of chemical. You can find the model type underneath the chemical name. It was say either Aloha, ERG or just ERG,
  1. It may be that the parameters they’ve entered are invalid. Usually when you go through the ALOHA configuration for that type you’ll go next, next, next through all the configuration parameters and the final screen will have red text at the top telling you exactly why it’s not drawing a plume. 
  1. It also may be that they don’t have any valid weather data. If they can’t get to the ADASHI weather server and they can’t get internet weather. Check that to see if they’re getting internet weather and if they’re not then they might need to add it manually or use a MET station or unblock access to the weather servers, which are and 


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